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Good morning! Please mark my ad for the 2013 Fiat 500 as SOLD! Thank you so much for this avenue to advertise and safely work with the public! You guys are awesome! Enjoy your summer!


I was able to sell my vehicle the first weekend it was posted for my asking price! The transaction was smooth and generated a LOT of interest very quickly. Thank you!


This is the second time I've sold a car over the years. Both times successful in listing my car and selling it. Great for matching private sellers with buyers. This one sold in the first weekend and was worth the money spent and the extra $5 to stick it in the first row.
Sharyl Fleming


I had a great, easy experience using the Auto Fair. It's worth the money we paid to list it online and seems much safer than Craigslist. I had several calls on the truck and eventually had a cash offer after a week and a half.
Matt Davis


I dropped my car off Friday 6pm, Saturday 8am it was sold.  Tyler and Jed you guys have a great operation. Taking my car to the Auto Fair was the best decision ever.  Thanks,
Tony G.


I was able to sell the 4Runner today. Thank you for all your help. We have bought 6 cars and sold 4 at the lot since we moved here 12 years ago. It is a great place.
Duane Utter


As discussed late on Sunday, I sold the Saab 93, they picked it up yesterday.  Thanks for the great service, it sold in less that 24 hours!  Thanks again!
Robert Sklenar 


I listed a Honda Civic VP for sale at the auto fair last weekend. The car has been sold!  Thank you, Tyler! You guys are fantastic. I will definitely be returning in the future; both as a buyer and a seller.
All the best,


Thank you so much for helping me sell my SUV.  Sold it last night 2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited Silver.  The process you have is fast, easy and so worth it : )
Beatrice Montanez


The 2005 Mercedes C230 was sold.  Most of our calls are from potential buyers who saw the listing online, including the buyer. This is the second car we sold at your site in such a short time. 2 years ago, our Toyota got sold in 1 day! We are highly recommending you to our friends.
Karen Ross


We sold our RV to a private party who came to your lot to see it last weekend.  Thanks for your help and your very nice weekend facility there at the college. It's been  a pleasure doing business with you.  

Sincerely, Stan and Margo Ehrlich 


I just sold my 2007 Montana Mountaineer 31' travel trailer to somebody that looked at it last Saturday. Thank you guys for your work and your professionalism and for offering a fine service and a fine product on the internet. Thanks again. 
Jim Enge


I have sold my 2000 Yamaha V-Max motorcycle. Please delete my online listing and let me know that you got this message. Thanks for the great job!
Jack C.


Please mark my 2002 Chevy Tahoe SOLD.  I will return again, this is the second vehicle I've sold with you, both sold on the first weekend!  Thank you!!

Ed Zarrell


I had my 2004 Accord for sale, and it sold in one weekend for $9000.00.  Thanks for all your help.
Sean C. 


Quick and easy. We had our car on the lot one day the first week and three days the second week and it SOLD.
This works so much better than an add with a few photographs on some high priced website. If you want to sell your car quickly and not have to hassle with buyers that are not serious about purchasing a car, then this is the only way to go.  Thank you Santa Clarita Auto Fair!
Dan Cobb  


Someone called and came and bought the car Saturday, thank goodness.  Wanted to let you know and to say thanks for your assistant in getting my car sold and AutoFair will be my #1 referral.
Betty W.  


Just wanted to let you know I sold the 2004 Lexus RX 330.  Auto Fair is magic as usual. 

Thanks again!  Best regards, 

Eddie Gigliotti
RE : 2006 Acura TL. I am pleased to report the first person who looked at the Acura on Sunday has followed through and purchased the car. The transaction was completed at AAA this morning. This car is now 'SOLD'. He will likely sell his current car at the Fair! 
Thanks Again !!!
Hi, thank you for your service. I took my 1965 Mustang to the lot and I sold it the first weekend.
Patricia Moreno 
We sold the 2007 Dodge Charger for $10k cash.  Wow!  Record time...one weekend!  We actually had 3 offers on it!  Nice to have a choice!  Thank you for the service!
Mary Ann Kelly
As much as it pained me to sell my boat, I once again chose the Auto Fair. Knowing we're in a down economy, I wasn't expecting the boat to sell the first weekend (like my other boat did). However, an individual visiting from Australia saw the boat on the lot and made an offer. After a bit of trepidation on my part, the boat was sold for CASH and is now on its way to Australia.  So, now I'm looking for boat #3! 
Thanks again Auto Fair!
 Jeff Davis
I listed and displayed on the lot my Mercedes 2001 CLK430A and it sold on the first day! Tyler and all his staff made the experience very easy and I will be sure to use their services in the future.
Danny Rowland 
Wanted to notify you that I sold my car!  Thanks to the auto fair many potential buyers could see the car up close, so it was a great opportunity and it worked!  Thanks again,
Donna Brockman
This is the third car I've sold and I am very happy with your organization.  I asked for help and I was given the correct range to sell my car.  When the money exchange was done I did it at the front table with your representatives. As the money was counted they made sure none was counterfeit.  They answered all my questions. 
Thank you, I will always recommend you based on my excellent experience with your company.
Jayne Rutledge
My car sold to the very first caller on the very first day.  They gave me a fair price and they were very happy with the car.  Thank you, Tyler!!! The whole process was very easy and everyone was satisfied with the transaction.  What a great service.  The buyer said they have bought ALL their vehicles here for the past several years. It was my first experience with Auto Fair but everything went well.  Thanks again. 
Just wanted to let you know that we sold the vehicle this evening.  The 1988 Gold Mercedes sold tonight. We got a call because a gentleman saw it on
AutoFairOnline.com! He just got done with his tour from Iraq after 6 years and was only back in Ca. for less than 24 hrs.  We sold it for less than the asking price since he just got out of the Army and really
needed a car.  We had listed  it on Craigslist and with SCV Classifieds but had success with your website;
Linda and Bret Greening 
Thank you for your help--I sold my car today for a good price.  I originally paid for an internet ad with AutoFair.com for $39.  After a week, I had received two calls on it.  I then decided to place it at your lot at COC on weekends.  The first weekend, I received one call.  The second weekend, I received about 10 calls.  One of those callers bought the car today.
I was very pleased with your process for selling cars, and bringing potential buyers to available cars.  Thank you for your help!
Donna Sloat 
We have sold our Toyota Tundra.  Thank you for having such a wonderful site that brings buyers and sellers safely together.
Russell Melton
Sold my truck on the first weekend.  The experience was great and this is my 3rd vehicle I have sold through the Auto Fair over the last 10 years. 
Thanks again,
Lance Holcombe
This weekend I had my 2006 Tahoe at your lot for the first time and I sold it! And I didn't get a single call from my AutoTrader ad. 
 Thanks for helping me sell my vehicle!
Ron Patterson 
I wanted to thank you for your services.  I sold the boat yesterday after two and a half weeks since I listed it with you guys.  Thanks also as I sold my Jeep in two days 6 months ago with you guys, thank you again. Can you please update my internet listing to sold! Thank you,
Juan Valencia 
I am the owner of the 2006 Lexus IS250 at your Auto Fair.  I sold the car today! Thank you and we will see you again the next time I need to sell a car, boat or RV. 
Thanks again!
Dan Ballard  
Our Rage'N Fifth Wheel is signed, sealed and delivered.  Thank You and your Staff for all you did for Michelle and I. We highly recommend the AutoFair to anyone. Take care,
Thanks Auto Fair....
Our truck sold after being posted for a week. We had our truck posted on c-----list forever, and all we got were people with pledges of buying the truck that never followed through! Very aggravating! Thank you once again. It was well worth the $39 to post. Never got out to show the truck at the Auto Fair.  
Patricia H. 
SOLD my Excursion.  I'm proud to say your AUTO FAIR is a big success! I'll be sure to spread the word. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you for your fabulous business and service which aided in selling my car for the price I was asking. From beginning to end you all were professional, personable, and ever so helpful and patient. Hats off to you and you may remove my add from your listing.  Thanks again!
Cindy Claffey
Thanks Tyler. My Yukon Denali sold the second week. I have had good luck selling about five cars now through SCV Auto Fair. Keep up the good work!
I have a Honda 2006 Quad on the website. Please remove the picture. Putting it on the web was a homerun!  Thank You,
Greg Cuen  
I sold my car tonight!  I appreciate your service to our community, yours is a great business that's very helpful to us residents!
Cynthia C. 
I thank you for helping us sell our 2002 Jamboree.   We did have lots of lookers, and the visibility was there.  We appreciate your service!
Mary Ann 
Would you please remove our ad from your website for the Chevy Express 2500 Cargo Van? We sold it this week. Thanks so much! It was because of your service that we got it sold! Thanks! 
All the best,
Tricia E. 
Sold the Wrangler!  Thanks for the assist--this was a great experience. You have a really smooth operation that made this whole event work out great.
R. Roland
Thanks so much for your outstanding service and the customer support is great!  Thanks for being so responsive!
C. DeGiorgio

Sold my Benz! Got $16k asking.  That's #12 in 8 years. Thanks as always for a great service. I will continue to recommend the Auto Fair.
Best to you and the crew,
We found exactly the car our daughter was looking for.  We had driven miles to look at cars and here the right one was in our "back yard"!  Very happy with the whole process!
Sue H.

I wanted to let you know I received a call 1 hour after putting my boat on your lot and sold it!  I bought the boat off of your lot five years ago and sold it in one day.  THANKS
Rick M.  

You can remove my 1994 Chevy Corvette Convertible from the Ads. Thanks to your web sight a local buyer has purchased my car.  Much Thanks!

Thank you for the extra help you gave me for listing my Lexus. I have used your service many times and have had much luck in doing so. You have a great service going and keep up the great work.
Lynn S.

Thanks for everything!  I sold my car on Sunday!  I thought this was a great venue to sell my car!  I had excellent support from the staff as this is my first time selling a car.  Thanks again!
Sara Jacobsen

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience in selling our 1997 Ford F-150 truck this weekend. It sold on the first day.  You provide a safe and friendly environment, not to mention a large number of prospective buyers.
Jeff L.

Just heads up.  I sold my two seadoos today.  Wanted to let you know.  Thank you for your service... it is very effective.  This is my fifth vehicle I have sold through you guys. Thanks again

Sold my 2003 Kia Sorrento XL!  Thanks for your help one more time, you been great help on the process of selling my car in just a week and a half. Thanks.

Brought in my car Friday evening. Got sold Saturday afternoon. Benefits both buyer and seller as far as pricing. Great place to sell a vehicle. Would highly recommend it. Thanks.

My Chrysler 300M sold on Saturday before noon!  Had 5 buyers for it within 6 hours. Great venue for car sales. Recommend you highly to everyone. Thanks again.

SOLD my Saturn Outlook.  You run a very nice organization.  Very easy and organized, so thank you.

I brought my car in Friday night to register and two hours later it was gone. Very friendly staff and the transaction couldn't have been any
easier. And I couldn't have been any happier!
 Thanks, Christina

We have sold our 2007 Chevy Silverado we had at your Auto Fair.  Thank you so much for your services, as we sold it from your lot!  We will definately recommend and use your services again.
Greg and Pam

I wanted to thank you again for assisting me in selling my car.  You have a great service.  I hope you enjoy the pie I dropped off for you.

We brought our car to the lot last weekend and found a buyer while we were still paying for the package.  The service was AWESOME!
Art Zwickel 

SOLD my Acura before I left the lot!  Very helpful staff.  Second time we have used this site.

I had brought my F150 to your lot and it SOLD last week...thanks to you!  Let me know if I need to do anything else. Thanks!

SOLD IN 2 HOURS!  Excellent service, GREAT foot traffic. This is the place to sell!  Third car sold at the lot.
Paul Orlowski

Good morning Sir,
I would like to advise that I sold my Yamaha YZF R6 yesterday and it can be taken off from your listing.  Thanks for all your help, was a great experience and definetly something to use again in the future.
Thanks and Regards,
 Marco Pagano

My Toyota Sequoia SOLD in 10 minutes!  I'm 3 for 3 with the Auto Fair.  Transaction went great!  Thank you.

Hello guys,  I want to thank you for this service you have created and are dedicated to every weekend. I sold my Jeep Liberty yesterday to somone who checked my car out three times this past weekend.  Thank you again.  I tell people who are looking to buy or sell to go to you now.

Brought my BMW in on Friday for it's first weekend.  Got a call on Saturday and sold it.  I think this is another great success story for your lot in addition to this being the second car I have sold through you this year! 

I have sold my 1998 Honda Civic. Thanks again for listing my car. I received a number of calls on the car and that is how I made the sale.
Your service is excellent!
Dave Amico

I wanted to let you know that my 1998 SVT Cobra convertible has SOLD!  I have also sold my 1994 Harley Davidson the first weekend! This was all possible because of your service. Thank-you very much. You provide an excellent service and I will be using you in the future.
Rick Willis

My XTerra is SOLD.  Only took 2 days.  The buyer saw it on your web site on Monday morning and bought it Monday night.  Thanks for your help, it went fast. Please put sold on the web site if you can..Thanks!
Tom Davenport

I wanted to thank you again your service.  I sold my Car in 21 Hour's.  This makes it two for two for car sales and both car's sold within the first 24 Hour's.  I do not believe this could have been easier for myself
or the new buyer.
Jim Ureda

This is to let you know I sold my car on Monday.  Thanks again for your great service--thats 2 cars in 2 years you've helped me sell in a matter of days!Gerrit Bartholomew

Thank you very much for your great service!  This was a very smooth, pleasant, and convenient way to sell my truck!  I will highly  recommend your services to anyone I know looking to sell their vehicle!
Norman Datuin

Hi... our car is now SOLD! 2004 Hyundai Accent. Thank you. You guys made it so easy...again !!!!!

Hello. Thank you again for your help and for making the AutoFair happen!  I sold my car on the first weekend.  I will tell everyone I know about it.  You've been a pleasure to deal with. 
Be well, 
Elizabeth Mouton

Helping my son sell his Tacoma pickup is my 9th experience at the AutoFair. Since 2002, I've sold my own personal cars plus children's, brother's and friend's cars. I've found the process to be relatively easy and fairly profitable, proving that commercial car dealers are not in business for their health. Tyler and his crew are very professional and have always been a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for many painless experiences!
Michael Hanks


Please update your records the Red 2006 Lexus GS300 has been sold today.  The buyer found the car at the Santa Clarita Auto Fair and we finalized the sale today.  Thanks again for making it easy for us to sell our car.
Regards, Denise Feinberg

I would recommend your services to everyone.  We sold two cars through the Auto Fair.  Our Honda sold the first weekend! Our Scion TC sold the first Tuesday after the weekend we put it there!   Your staff is very helpful, and nice too!  My husband has his Harley there also, hope to make it three for three!!
Darlene Lang

Sold my Celica!  I would also like to tell you that I had a wonderful experience at the Autofair. You guys were great and it is a fantastic thing you are providing. Thank you very much!
Bill Caprine

This is the second vehicle I have sold through you and both sold after the first weekend!  I will be back and I do tell everyone I know!


I bought my first boat at the Auto Fair, and loved it. When it came time to sell, I brought it back and sold it on the first weekend - for more than I paid! I have a friend that bought a car from the Auto Fair and just recently another one bought a boat. Now that we'll have kids driving soon, I'll be back to the Auto Fair looking for a car! The Auto Fair is GREAT!
Jeff Davis

My 2002 Jetta 1.8 has sold!
Thanks, selling a car at the AutoFair is the only way.
Kevin Parkes

I waned to let you know that my 1999 Audi sold!!!!! Thank you so much Auto Fair, I couldn't do it with out you!!!  I will help get the word out how GREAT the Auto Fair is. If I need to sale another car I will BE BACK!!!!!  THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

Hi folks, just wanted to let you know that I sold my car! Yipee!  I brought it to you for two weekends and now it is gone.  Thank you soooo much.
Patty Murphy

I recently presented my car for sale at the Auto Fair this past weekend.  My wife and I had a great experience selling a vehicle through your fair in the past and would like to thank you for being there for us and providing this excellent service.
Ed Maher

Amazing to me.  SOLD my G35.  I should have skipped the expensive newspaper and cars.com ads.   Next time, it's Auto Fair all the way!
Bill Kulchin 

Thank you for providing such an excellent way to sell our car.  We were so happy that we were able to sell the car on the first weekend after trying other means for weeks with no success.  It really is a great idea and we thank you for making it possible!
Julia Phillis

The Durango I had on your lot and website has been sold. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.
Lois Garrett

Auto Fair was by far the best way to sell a vehicle!

I've sold my Jaguar!!  Thank you so much for all your great service.  Gene, especially, is so nice.  He remembers my name each week ,which is amazing. considering how many people he must meet.  I will not hesitate to use or recommend your service to others.  Thank you again.
Deborah Allen

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my BMW 328Ci this past weekend.  Had 5 calls on Sat. and sold it to one of the callers Sunday morning.  Thanks for the great service that you provide!
Roger Basham

My Travel Trailer is sold, and delivered!
Thank you very much, this is a great way to get buyers and sellers together!

Thank you for helping me sell my 2006 GMC Sierra in only 2 weekends! Can you please remove my add from the website? This is a great service.

The vehicle I had listed with you has been sold.  Thank you very much for your service.  As always, you all have been great to work with and very helpful.

I've sold cars online in the past and it's always been a miserable
experience.  Everyone I know told me to use the Auto Fair because their
cars all sold so quickly.  I brought my car down on a recent Saturday
night and had 3 offers by lunchtime Sunday.  I literally sold my car in
less than 24 hours.  The guys at Auto Fair are great too - very helpful
and knowledgeable.  Oh, and they refunded half my listing fee within 72
hours since my car sold in the first weekend!   Class A operation all
the way around.  Thanks!   

Just to let you know, I had  three people make an offer Sunday night.  One on-site and others were by phone. They learned about the truck thru your website. So I sold my truck yesterday.  I want to thank you for your wonderful service.  I will tell people to go to you if they need to sell their car.
Thank you very much!

Hey Guys, just a note to say thanks for helping sell the 2001 Ford Taurus.  It sold on the first weekend.  Very happy, it could not have been easier.  My phone is still ringing! 
Fran Westridge

My 2000 Jaguar S-type sold today. Thank you so much. I could not have done it without you. Say Hi to Justin for me!

Thanks for helping us sell our RV on the first weekend. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience.  We have sold two other vehicles there before.  Absolutely love it!
Pamela and Dan

Please remove the ad for my vehicle. We just sold it today!  Thanks, you guys are great!  I'm sure we will be seeing you again in the near future.
Christy 08/12/2008

Thanks Tyler for providing a well run business.  The 2004 Dodge Ram Quad was sold today to a buyer from your lot.  Best Regards. 

Sold my vw beetle this weekend through the website.  Thanks to your service I was able to dispose of two vehicles quickly.  Will be back!

Hi...I listed my vehicle last weekend for the first time, I sold it that Sunday night.  I've told many friends about your wonderful Auto Fair and will tell many more.
Bob and Kelly

Hi Tyler,
My Tahoe sold this weekend.  That makes me 5 for 5 with you over 9 years.  Take care, 

Your service is a benefit to all our community.  It's much better to have for-sale vehicles on a lot instead of the streets.  Thanks again!

Keep up the great work. Fast check-in, great service, knowledgable staff, great location.

You have been awesome. I couldn't have sold my Expedition without your help. Thank you so much!

Explorer listed on Friday, SOLD on Sunday! Thank you for providing this very convenient service!!!
Dave Hatfield

Good market exposure.  Have now sold 4 vehicles through Auto Fair!  Staff was friendly and professional.  Absolute asset to the community.  

A great operation!  Very friendly staff got me all set-up quickly.  Car sold in 2 days!  Highly recommend...already telling friends to sell their cars there.

Thanks for putting my add online, It did the trick, I sold the Honda in 1 day. You can remove the add now. Thanks again,

Thank you for your service, we have SOLD our car.  We'll see you the next time we need to sell a car.  We were very satisfied and will tell our friends about your service.
Gary Hall

Second time I've sold a car in the first 30 minutes!  Great place to sell!

Was very happy with the service.  Auto Fair was the best.  You found a customer for life!

Auto Fair is the BEST.  Sold my $30k Lexus in 6 hours!  Auto Fair guys are great to deal with.
Ed Gigliotti

SOLD!! The buyer found the car on your website, called me and went to the lot to look at it.  Thanks for your service. This is the 3rd car Ive sold through you.

Santa Clarita Auto Fair is a class act!  Very professional.  Sold my car the first day.  A business to my satisfaction.
Mike Zrodio

I sold two cars, both on the FIRST weekend!  This is a great service.  I couldn't be happier.
Steve Baker 

Very easy and effective.  We parked the car Friday night and got two calls immediately and sold the car that night!
Tim Maxwell

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know my Honda Civic LX Coupe has sold.  Thanks so much!  This has been a great experience and we will definitley use the Auto Fair again in the future when we need to sell a vehicle.  I have already recommended you to a neighbor as well.

Sold the Buick Rendevous!  Just wanted to say thanks and you guys have a great service.  I will be back with my next car.  Thanks!

The car has been sold!  Auto Fair made it quick, easy and convenient!  Thanks so much!  

We were very pleased and surprised when the first call turned into a sale.  If we ever need to sell another car in the future, we will plan to use your service again! 
Forrest & Vicki

I had an ad in the Auto Trader for 8 months with no luck.  I sold it the first weekend at the Auto Fair.
Dave Schulz

Couldn't be happier!  Sold my car for full price.  Thanks for being there and doing a great job.

The truck sold before I even finished backing it into the parking space on the sale lot!  Awesome!

This is a great idea and worked well for me.

Sold 1st day for my asking price...YAY!

My 1990 Mallard Sprinter motorhome sold Saturday through your web site. This is the third vehicle I've sold at the Auto Fair and I always recommend your services to perspective sellers as well as buyers. Thanks again.
William Homeier

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know we sold the Maxum 2300 boat. Thanks for the help. Your lot is amazing!
Lisa and Joe Wegener

Tried Auto Trader for 2 weeks with no luck.  One day at Auto Fair and SOLD IT!  Very happy and totally satisfied.
Andrew Jaimes

Car sold in 40 minutes!  Great location and great service.  Will sell here again.
Vince Cioffi 

We finally sold the vehicle.  Thank you for your services. Will definitely use your services again.
John Nyland

I dropped the vehicle off on Friday night at 7pm and sold it the next morning.  As I was moving the car for the test drive, another buyer approached me and gave me his # and said to call if the test drive didn't sell the car.
Roger Henley

I sold my Toyota Corolla 2001 in my first 10 minutes. Always a great experience with you!  Thank you for your service to the community and your incredible customer service to your faithful customers!  See you again soon.
Jaime Guzman-Valencia CA

Just wanted to let you know I sold the Jeep last weekend! Thank you so much for your service, it was really a blessing and hopfully we will get to use you guys again!

This was a great way to buy a car! I love your lot and the way it operates. I've been recommending it to my friends who are shopping for used cars for their teen kids and it's how I would sell my car too. 
Thanks for all your help!!! 

FYI! We sold our Bronco in 2 days and our 2002 Travel Trailer in 1 day.  Always a great experience with you!  Thank you for your service to the community and your incredible customer service to your faithful customers!  See you again soon.

Hi, just writing to say my Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle sold today!  Displaying the car on the lot was a perfect way to sell my car. The vehicle sold at full price!  You may remove the add from the website. Thanks!

I sold the 1994 Ford Thunderbird. Thank you very much for this very valuable service.

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my Ford Escort on the first weekend! This the second car that I have sold through the Auto Fair and I want to thank you  for all you're help. 

Sold our 2003 Gulfstream RV this past week. 
Got full price that we had listed on your website.
Thanks for your help !

I have purchased 3 vehicles on your lot in the past 6 years, and have been very happy with every one!  I think it's a fun way to check out cars you're interested in, as there's such a wide selection.  I also regularly search your website. I think it would be great if more of your cars were listed online.  I've have had lots of fun and learned sooo much about cars from your lot.  I've seen it grow to quite an impressive business.  Kudos!
Lori, La Crescenta


I am the owner of the 2001 VW Jetta listed at $9,800.  I wanted to let you know that the car was sold yesterday!!! So you can remove the online ad.  Thank you for everything!!! This is such a great service and I will be back when I need to sell my next car in the future.

Thank you very much for your services, etc.  Everything was great.  I will be using your services again for selling my Harley and in the future when I'm looking for another vehicle.
Thanks again,

I think its a new record!! 15 minute sale!!  We dropped the car off at 4 pm and while we were driving home had to turn around to sell the car.  Thanks Auto Fair!! 
Mike and Kelly

Love using the Auto Fair at COC. I've bought and sold my past 5 cars there now.  Have a great day!

I've sold six cars here over the last 8 years...all on the first weekend!!  I felt my car was safe and in good hands until it was sold.

Great people, great service.  Sold my car in one day!  Thanks for being so friendly.  All the best!!

Sold in 3 hours!  You guys are the best and highly recommend to all.  Thanks.
Ivery and Norma

Sold 1st day at the new location.  This is the second vehicle I've sold on the first weekend.  I also bought a truck here.  This is the only place to buy/sell in my opinion.

This was the easiest thing we had to do.  We had three offers before we finished parking the car on Friday at the new location.  We sold it by 10a.m. Saturday.  This was a great experience and people should do it this way!  This is an asset to the community.
Jessica Y. 

I put the sign of the truck and got multiple offers before I could lock it.  Great place!
Robert K.

Car sold in 1 day!  New lot worked great!  "Real" buyers in one spot.  Thanks for the great service.
Kevin B.

I was completely satisified and my vehicle sold in 3 hours... Awesome!  I was very concerned about where I could sell my classic truck because it was in top condition.  Auto Fair offered a safe and secure place to sell my vehicle.  The staff was awesome and took care of my needs.  They watched over my vehicle. 
Mike M.

Vehicle sold quickly.  Very professional and well worth the cost.  Ideal setting to find the qualified buyers.

Vehicle sold in less than a day at the new location. Special thanks to Tyler for pricing suggestions and his recommendations for pointing out specific features that would help market the car.
Charles M.

Sold our RV in two weekends.  Very easy.
Ron W. 

Excellent experience, great location.  Only advice...post a bigger sign.  This service is an asset to the community.  Thanks for all your help :-)

This was the simplest way to sell a car.  Staff was very helpful.  Lots of perspective buyers.  Our car sold in less than a day at the new location!!

Staff was great.  Sold car on the first day at the new location!  Fantastic service!  Asset to the Community.
Rob C.

Thank you again for helping me sell my car.  I only had a chance to leave it on the lot for one weekend but thats all it took!  The 1986 Mazda RX7 that gave me many years of great pleasure to drive is sold!

We sold our 1997 Blue Ford Explorer, and at the price we listed it at!  Thanks for all of your help.  You can go ahead and remove it from your online site.  Thanks again!

We have sold our 2003 Trailbay 5th Wheel Trailer.  Please take it off the website. We will definetly bring any future vehicles we are selling to your lot!  Thanks.

Many thanks for your help and support to sell my car. I will recommend your Auto Fair to all my friends that plan to sell their car.

It's great to have a community sale.  I sold my Explorer.  Wow...again thanks to the staff.  They were very professional and couteous.


We sold our Chevy Suburban. Thank you for displaying the car nicely on the internet.  We are very pleased with the results.  We have already sold one of our other cars through the Auto Fair last year and now we sold another.  Will use you again in the future if needed.  Thank you very much.

Thanks for the help in getting my vehicle sold as it was almost effortless with the use of the Auto Fair lot.

I just wanted to let you know that my 2002 Kia Sportage has sold.  Thank you!!!  We will be bringing our truck to sell shortly.

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my Expedition. Thanks for your great service - I sold it at the Auto Fair!

Good News...I did sell my car this weekend at COC. Can you please remove my online ad? What a great service you are providing at COC. Thank you! 

You may remove the 1999 Toyota Camry from your site, as I sold it on the first weekend! This was my first experience using your service and I must say it is great that you offer a service like this. It made selling my vehicle so much easier than I expected.

Can you remove the picture of my car off the internet as I sold it thanks to the SCV Auto Fair.  It's a 2000 BMW 528i that is listed for $18,000.00.  
You guys are the best.  This is the 2nd car I sold because of the fair.

After not receiving a single call from the TruckTrader ad, nor the Recycler classifieds; I met a buyer on the lot last weekend, and we closed the deal yesterday.
Thanks for the awesome venue, you guys do a great job. You can now remove my vehicle from your list. It's sold. Thanks again, I will be recommending your service to others.

Wow! I can't believe how effective your service is! 
I sold our vehicle in 2 days from your internet ad. Didn't even get a chance to display it at the
Auto Fair! I'll use you again for sure.
Dave L.

1988 cadillac fleetwood has been sold.  Please remove from your on-line listings.  Thanks once again to your staff for being such a great avenue for the
community to sell their autos!

I knew my car would sell, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be so fast.  I brought it in Friday night, August 12, 2005 and had my first offer at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, sold it on the spot to the nicest family.  Two other people were waiting to see if the deal would go through, because if it didn't they both wanted to make an offer.  Everyone at Auto Fair was great to deal with and had all the answers for a first time seller.  

 Please take the 1998 Ford F150 for 12,800 off the website,
the truck has been sold.  I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service and generosity you guys are awesome.  Thank you 

We sold our 1997 Ford Expedition today, the same day we
brought it to your lot.  This is the second car we've sold there in the last year.  You offer a great service.  We got $3,000 more than the dealers were offering for a trade in. 
Thanks again!


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