"Brag All You Want"

Below are suggested "key-points" to include in your ad description.

When describing your vehicle, always include the following (when, and if, they apply).

1.  "Original Owner"- Everyone likes to buy from the first and only owner.

2.  "Service Records Available"- If you've been diligent about keeping your records, it's time for your attention-to-detail to pay off.

3.  "Dealer Serviced"- Folks like to buy cars from people who paid the extra $$ to have their vehicles serviced by "the dealer".

4.  "Non-Smoker"-  The first "test" a potential buyer will give your car is the "smell test".  Non-smokers will usually only buy cars that haven't been smoked-in. 

5. "Garage Kept"- Should be obvious if the paint, dash and interior is still in nice condition.

6.  "Priced Below Blue Book"- You may have done your research by now to determine a fair asking price for your vehicle.  If not, click the link below.  In our experience, the blue book "private-party" estimate is a little high.  Whenever possible, begin with a price a little less than the stated value and always leave yourself some room to negotiate.  www.kbb.com

7.  "Adult Owned"- When we were young(er), we didn't always have the money or the "persistence" to thoroughly maintain a vehicle.  Advantage goes to the "adult" seller.

Include any other personal information about your vehicle that is not immediately apparent by looking at the photos.

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