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Pay Lot Fee and/or Website Fee In Advance

It is not required to pay and reserve your space in advance. However, for added convenience and efficiency, you may do so below. You must bring the PAID receipt to the AutoFair upon vehicle drop-off.

**Your pre-payment receipt is only good for the weekend following pre-payment.  Please do not pre-pay if you will not be bringing the vehicle to the lot the weekend following payment.**  Thank you!

*Unlimited Plus Package*
     $129, one-time fee

Includes EVERYTHING! Unlimited Weekends on the lot until SOLD, PLUS "Runs Til It Sells" photo ad on our website. PLUS, $30 REFUND if the vehicle sells 1st weekend.

We will gladly photograph your vehicle while at the lot and place the ad online for you!

If you wish to place the website ad yourself, please return to this page following $129 payment, click on $39 "Place Ad Now" icon, and submit your ad. DISREGARD the next $39 payment page. We will receive the ad anyway and match it to the $129 you already paid and publish your ad.

*Unlimited Weekends*
    $99, one-time fee
Includes Unlimited Weekends on the lot until SOLD.
Does NOT include online website ad


*One(1) Weekend Display*

Includes on-the-lot display for 1-weekend
(Friday, 4pm - Sunday, 4pm)
2nd weekend - $45, 3rd weekend - $40, Each weekend thereafter - $20


*Website Ad Only*

 the ability to upload up to 6 photos and a "brag all you want" description for the same low price. And best of all...your ad will "RUN TIL' IT SELLS". Upload the photos yourself or email them to us to size and place in your ad. You choose!  

Please scroll back up and click on the large $39 icon to create and submit your ad. Once you have submitted the ad, you will be taken to the payment page. Thank you. 

Please note that the $39 fee is for the RUNS TIL IT SELLS website ad only.  If you wish to place the website ad prior to bringing your vehicle to the weekend Auto Fair display lot, please print your $39 paid receipt and present it to Auto Fair Staff upon registration and we will credit this fee toward the "Unlimited PLUS" package. 



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